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About people complaining about SnD coins prices and being out of stock

Wow the prices of SnD coins raised? Im disappointed but happy cuz i got my first psychic pack Just bummed that others got a 20%

guess what guys, today i saw that the flame packs lasted over 3 hours.
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I agree baritone you go to so much trouble trying to let us have fun thanks for telling them this and plus you even reduced the price to top it of.....

Don\'t feel bad. You are being too nice with people who can\'t just be happy with what they have. Just keep on with your excellent work, improving the website. I wish you success, Baritone.

Eh... I do think it is logical to raise the coins prices... I just wish I had bought some before! I have basically quit PTD, but I still love this site. People should stop coming here just for snd coins.

I think it\'s a good idea to raise the price of coins. With so many new achievements being created, it will be easier to get GIPS so this shouldn\'t bother people that much. Thanks for working so hard on the site and going to so much trouble to get free things for people.
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I agree with Garrus i have just earned 163 gips in 1 day wicth is today lol, its because of baritone adding more acivments we should be thankful to baritone

i hate people who complain >.<
but i do think the price sould b a little bit lower. like 100 GIPS or 125.
the best thing 2 do when people r annoying u is make it funny. when u think about the complainers r whiney. and 2 me thats kind of funny

Don\'t feel hurt baritone. I know what it means to be sensible. People will just continue to hate because they want things ALWAYS to go their way. I usually complain about things in real life but it\'s only because most people I know are always biased against all my ideas and they never do things that\'s fair. Everyone is going to hate someone online, but you\'ll just have to live with it. Just think of it as they have nothing better to do but troll like this guy:

You\'re right everyone know you got work very hard for us :nod: and i think that\'s fair even if i\'m wait for 1-2 weeks to buy psychic pack with 400GIPS and now i have to get more GIPS but i will:cool:
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