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Frantic Frigates review | Blog
By: SRG Sep. 14, 2013, 20:09
1 commentsdefense  battle  action  ship  upgrade
8.0/ 10
Berzerk Studio' Frantic Frigates a pirate-themed, topdown arena shooter that has us looting and shooting hungry sharks, trigger-happy galleons and colossal bosses! It's simple, yet full of intense, frenzied action. Upgrades are a major part of this game, and they are key to defeating the bosses. Your ship automatically fires cannonballs at the nearest enemy, so it's mostly mouse avoidance on your part. While this auto-shooting mechanic feels much different than what most of us are used to, it allows for seamless gameplay and works great with the concept.

Treasure chests or defeated foes drop money to be used for upgrades, and the store can be accessed at anytime by pressing spacebar. Upgrades include extra firepower, faster fire rate, and larger ships. There's also the Boss Arrival meter at the upper right portion of the screen, which fills as you destroy your enemies. Achievements provide incentive for playing again, as they give you more cash at the start of your next game.

There isn't much to be said about this game's weaknesses, but starting over after losing all your lives is a frustrating yet interesting way of punishing your loss. However, since most players will rely on starting gold to beat the game, it's almost a necessary evil. It all comes down to preference, and whether you think that this is a poor design choice or just a cool way to make levels last longer. Even more debatable is the endless mode that is available after defeating the final boss. Many players find the endless mode to be too easy and boring to even begin a high score attempt. In spite of these minor flaws, Frantic Frigates is an innovative casual shooter that definitely worth a playthrough!

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