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Defend Your Nuts review | Blog
By: SRG Mar. 12, 2013, 16:24
2 commentstower defense  strategy  levels  upgrades  defense
8.5/ 10
Defend Your Nuts is somewhat misleading title for a entertaining defense game that pits your mouse-clicking prowess against massive hordes of rabbits, bees, giants, orcs, skeletons led by an evil wizard. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Our squirrel hero is defending his three precious acorns with only a bow and arrow. The controls are simple: you press, hold, and release the left-click mouse button to control the trajectory of your shot. Collect loot and ammo by moving the cursor over them, and take out the bad guys with repeated clicking. Headshots will ensure that the baddies take max damage.

Coins that are dropped by defeated monsters allow you to obtain some more weapons after several days. Within a few in-game weeks' time, you may find yourself firing a sniper rifle, cocking a shotgun, and or launching rockets from an overpowered bazooka. There are also land mines and a giant fence available for purchase. All weapons and defense mechanisms can be upgraded to be even more effective. Be sure to stock up for the final battle against that dastardly malicious wizard that is behind this nutty invasion!

In spite of this game's polish, it gets old after playing several levels, especially when you really start upgrade your arsenal. Luckily, Defend Your Nuts is just the right length to maintain the average gamer's interest. The cool visuals and sounds add an undeniably awesome touch, and the unique concept feels just right for a defense game. Defend Your Nuts is a quick fix for any trigger-happy action fan!

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  • Avatar
    Aug. 04, 2014, 03:20
    Its pretty fun i love full archer, A bit hard to play through multiple times though

  • Avatar
    Jun. 13, 2014, 19:39
    jogo bom

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