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Death vs Monstars 2 review | Blog
By: SRG Mar. 12, 2013, 16:09
0 commentsaction  evade  shooting  upgrade
8.5/ 10

At first glance, Death vs. Monstars 2 seems much too similar to its prequel to warrant a higher rating or to be considered a better game. However, GameReclaim's latest arena shooter is a tremendous improvement while still maintaining the original's intense, frantic gameplay. The goal of each level is to destroy all enemy waves while avoiding both your foes and incoming fire. Along with 15 brand-new stages and 4 bosses to shoot down, there's also several challenge levels and a score attack mode thrown into the mix, providing you with hours of frenetic fun!

Death vs. Monstars has always been known for its mouse-only control scheme, which once again makes a comeback in DvM2. Death automatically fires in the opposite direction in which you move. Love it or hate it, the controls still work, even though it's sometimes tough to aim. Thankfully, holding the left mouse button allows you to strafe while locking your fire in one direction.

You can spend money dropped by the monstars at the shop to buy weapons, upgrades, and skins. It's always interesting to see Death with a top hat! You can even purchase some unique abilities, such as a shield, bullet-time, the destructive death ray. A common complaint is that there's no coin magnet, but this adds to the challenge of maxing out your upgrades, and farming easier levels for cash isn't difficult. Another gripe is the lack of an auto-pause option when your mouse goes offscreen, which is especially frustrating during a boss fight or when swarms of enemies are coming in from all sides. Sadly, all the stages feel very similar, and there's little to no variation in these levels. All this being said, DvM2 is a great game with minimal lag in spite of its chaotic appearance. Highly recommended to all shoot-em-up enthusiasts!

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