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Angry Bees review | Blog
By: SRG Sep. 14, 2013, 19:36
1 commentsshooting  action  powerups
6.5/ 10
No, this is not a rip-off of Rovio's wonder app. This is Angry Bees, where you play as a lazy, selfish, and armed bee king that is guarding his stash of sweetness from his rebellious subjects. The collaborative efforts of Corupt3D and Shah-Soft have brought us a unique defense shooter that's sweeter than a spoonful of honey, complete with a quirky soundtrack and some really cool artwork. But besides the upgradable weapons, paltry power-ups and average achievements, there is little else to see in this game.

After a brief opening cinematic, enemy bee swarms will attack from the left side of the screen. Using the mouse, you point and shoot every single insect in sight until the wave is complete. You'll visit Mr. Bee's Upgrade Stall to spend money on weapons, and you'll repeat this process 19 more times before the final boss. This is all that Angry Bees has to offer. The upgrades barely save this shooter from being a boring 45 minute mini-game. There are two offensive power-ups available for purchase: the ineffective grenades and even more useless rockets. When used in combat, they'll explode in all the wrong places while dealing as little damage as possible. Conversely, the store's selection of guns is much more helpful. In fact, a fully upgraded machine gun makes the entire game a breeze, even on Hard Mode. With the right upgrades, this shoot-em-up just becomes another round of "Hold-Left-Mouse-Button-To-Win". The pitiful amount of enemies include invisible bees, flying bees, explosive flying bees, and my personal favourite, the undead hordes of Zombees. There was so much more that could have been done with this concept.

Angry Bees is not without its good points. In fact, there's nothing much wrong the game's presentation besides an overpowered arsenal and a small number of pointless powerups. However, it's missing heaps of innovation and some better achievements to create replay value. In short, Angry Bees is a simple, barebones shooter that's only worth one playthrough before choosing to leave the hive.

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