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Pinata hunter 2

Pinata hunter 2

physics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingonline games rating
(Avg: 4.04)
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Pinata hunter 2
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Pinata hunter 2
physics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingonline games rating (Avg: 4.04)

98 plays

When you first start off you get a stick. Ha, yeah a stick! No worries, because if you collect enough of that sweet candy from the piñata you will be rewarded with: weapons, gloves, bags, and status upgrades. The weapons mainly increase your damage to destroy the piñata, but do be careful because they also affect you with pain. The gloves help prevent that pain from building up, and some also do damage or increase accuracy. The bags help collect the candy so you can buy items (do not buy the ”Dolci Gabbana Bag”). Last but especially not least; the status upgrades, which helps with increasing power, accuracy, and CANDY VALUE! In my opinion this has to be the most important tool in the game. If you plan on trying to set a record make sure you watch your time, spend your money wisely on the items, and the status upgrades. Power helps destroy the piñata quickly which would help with your time. Accuracy I don’t see the big deal, I just put my bag under the piñata, and swing up & down so the candy would fall into the bag. Candy value is important, helps with getting your money up quicker so you can buy more things.
Move mouse to controll stick and smash pinata.
Move bag to any place for collect more candies.
Buy upgrades in shop.
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98 plays

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  • Avatar
    7 years, 1 month ago
    dont know what to say, the game gets boring cause you alwas have to do the same.

  • Avatar
    7 years, 3 months ago
    Im sorry to dissapiont but my hands are not in pain and i have finished it and gotten all the achievements

  • Avatar
    7 years, 4 months ago
    I really did not expect to play this game for so long. Its really fun and addicting. By the time you are finish your hands will be in pain.

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