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physics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingonline games rating
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physics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingphysics games ratingonline games rating (Avg: 4.42)

2,129 plays

Golden cubes await capture as you guide your ninja-like icon through treacherous territory. Watch out for mines, lasers, and heat-seeking missiles.
See in-game help for complete instructions.

N - Not as Simple as That

Let’s begin with the story first since it won’t matter later. And you’ll save a lot of time reading here, than reading the original text, which is kinda bloated for people who just want to play a game. In N, you are a ninja with otherworldly human skills. Your speed, dexterity and reflexes are of god levels. And you have to collect gold coins while evading enemies and jumping from one platform to another. I skipped out the background story, really, you don’t need it.

N doesn’t allow slow moving ninjas, there are time constraints for each level. It is rather forgiving, in a sense, when an additional couple of seconds are replenished in your time limit. The level design is also very nice, with launchpads and trampolines.

The control system is also simple with left-right for directions and Shift for jumping. You can change the controls as you please, which is rather good for those who like the WASD set-up, most gamers really prefer that setup. You can slide down, climb, jump, everything that you’d expect a ninja to do.

As soon as you progress, the game gets outrageously difficult. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t dig the physics, it’s too “soft” for me. There are mines which explode upon contact (duh!). There are evil blocks that move as soon as you are near them. However, these blocks are useful in some areas because you can climb and ride on it since only one side is detrimental to a ninja.

There are turrets which that fire missiles at you. And they are homing missiles, you gotta run, and collect, and complete the level at the very same time. Imagine having all of these hazards in each level, you are up to a task! There are also drones with different attacks like lasers and chain guns. Yes, you don’t have the arsenal to blow things up. You just glide your way out of every level.

There are lots and lots of levels. Haven’t even finished this one yet, it’s too damn look. I have to finish this review or else I won’t have the time to review other Flash games. Back to the game, the level design is really great, I don’t have much complaint. The graphics are rather simple, and it is an acquired taste to like it. Personally, I don’t like the graphics, not because of its vector-like vibes, but they are too tiny for my abused eyes. I don’t want to wear glasses just yet.

Apparently, N has been released as downloadable console game specifically the Xbox Live Arcade platform first, then got ported to the Nintendo DS and PSP as retail games. Not bad. Don’t blame me for not knowing, I’ve only got my PSP back in 2008 and never owned a DS an Xbox, so yeah.

All in all, N is a great game. It features polished gameplay and several varied levels to keep you on your heels. I like this one, I just don’t love it. Nothing I could do, it just feels that way.  

2,129 plays

Tags: stickman  evade  skill

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  • Avatar
    6 years, 11 months ago
    It's indeed a very good game. I like it!

  • Avatar
    8 years, 2 weeks ago
    This game is epic (lol I just read that baritone wrote the same XD). There are only a few games that can bring you closer to feeling like a ninja! Also, the guy playing in the intro sucks XD.

  • Avatar
    8 years, 8 months ago
    ive knoen this game since i was like 5 ive always loved this game

  • Avatar
    10 years, 2 weeks ago
    A really cool game indeed!

  • Avatar
    10 years, 2 months ago
    This game is epic. Used to play it when I was younger and I'm so happy I've managed to get it on Game Interlude Enjoy!

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